The Todd Lecture Series

Leadership Challenges Addressed: Dr. Condoleezza Rice’s Inspiring Speech at Norwich University’s 2014 Residency Conference

by Ron J. Jackson, Jr.

Dr. Rice KeynoteFormer Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered the Residency Conference keynote address June 19 for Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies and for the entire university community as a part of the 2014 Todd Lecture Series. Her appearance highlighted a week in which the theme appropriately centered around leadership.

Rice didn’t disappoint. She not only spoke about leadership, but displayed it as well when hecklers interrupted her speech before a packed Shapiro Field House.

As a handful of protestors stood and loudly voiced their complaints, some in the audience began to boo. Rice gracefully asked those in attendance to let the protestors have their say, reminding everyone, “Sometimes democracy is noisy…”

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