The Todd Lecture Series

The inventor of the Segway has visited Norwich University. So has the author of the earth-shaking management bible, In Search of Excellence. Washington’s pre-eminent power couple has presented from the same stage as one of the top advocates for social transformation in light of a changing climate.

Beginning in 2008, the Todd Lecture Series has brought revered, provocative and surprising speakers to Norwich University, and invited our students, faculty staff and the general public to learn from them. All without charging a fee.

With a single guest in the fall and a series of lectures in the spring—each selected and hosted by an academic college—the series is designed to cover a variety of themes while remaining relevant to modern academic challenges.

Experience the presentations

See a live stream of the presentation.

Norwich has videotaped many of the lectures in the Todd Series and made them available for viewing. Links are available on the Past Lectures page.